Marketing Resources

Savvy Social Security Planning is an excellent way to grow your business. Several comprehensive and insightful marketing resources are available to members of Savvy Social Security Planning for Boomers.

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Marketing Toolkit

Learn how to give seminars. Here you’ll find a 60+ page toolkit filled with strategies, best practices, schedules and checklists to help you pack a room, deliver successful presentations, and follow up with attendees to turn prospects into clients.

Customizable Postcards and Posters

Postcards and Posters

Add your photo, logo and contact information to a postcard or poster for marketing purposes. There are postcards and posters for every major presentation we offer; the postcards come in two sizes (large and small). Download PDFs for free and take them to your local printer, or order printed copies from us (approximate 7-day turnaround).


Put these 90-second videos on your website to announce your workshop/seminar dates or to invite prospective clients in for an analysis. Includes embed codes and HTML for your website page.

Client reference (FINRA reviewed)

Educate clients and prospects. Upon joining, members receive fifty (50) copies of this 3-panel, 6-sided, 8" x 12" resource explaining key concepts all clients must consider when making important Social Security decisions. More copies of this client reference may be ordered at the Horsesmouth store at any time.

The annually-updated Social Security Quick Reference Guide contains lots of handy facts and figures in an easy-to-read format. Information includes estimated PIAs for high earners, a breakdown of the actuarial reduction, Medicare premiums and more. Not only is this reference a great resource for personal use, it’s also an excellent handout for your fellow professionals and centers of influence.

Members get a free customized PDF of the annually updated Quick Reference Guide, or you can order customized Quick Reference Guide hard copies.


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