Group Coaching

What if you could guarantee that Social Security will play a bigger role in your 2021 business through coaching?

  • Are you passionate about integrating Social Security planning into your practice?
  • Would you like it to be a growth-driver for your business in 2021?
  • Have you been a member of Savvy Social Security, yet not fully maximized its potential for your practice?

Dear Advisor,

We made a lot of new advisor friends this past year, thanks to holding several Savvy Social Security Four-Day Virtual Workshops. Their interest and enthusiasm for carrying the Social Security message to their communities was inspiring.

One thing we’ve observed is that many financial advisors would like sustained, focused help with developing and executing their strategy to make Social Security a key pillar of their business.

So that’s why we’ve decided to start our Savvy Social Security virtual group coaching program.

What is group coaching?

You may have never heard of Group Coaching. Here’s a good definition: Group Coaching is a small-group process led and facilitated by a professional coach and formed with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of individuals who chose to join in order to achieve their own individual goals.

What is Horsesmouth Group Coaching?

  • A select community of like-minded financial advisors who share ambition, passion and values… and a common interest in using Savvy Social Security to build their business
  • 12 group coaching sessions over 6 months
  • 6–10 financial advisors
  • 5 Critical Steps: Getting clear & focused, Considering all possibilities, Removing obstacles, Plan of action, and Getting commitment

How does it work?

Group coaching involves a six-month commitment and is actually a hybrid of coaching models.

It will involve meeting both with your group (by teleconference) and meeting individually with your coach by phone. All group members will share the broad goal of improving how they’re using Social Security in their business. Of course, your specific, individual goals will likely differ.

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Here are the details of the key elements of the program:

Time commitment: During your group coaching, your group will meet twice per month—a total of 12 meetings. Plus, you get one individual coaching session per month (optional).

Group coaching is grounded in an experiential approach, where you will be in control of your own learning and coaching agenda. Group coaching also is fully participatory, where you will be actively involved during each call, and expected to contribute to the learning of the group.

Moreover, group coaching’s strength is not just about the relationship between the coach and yourself, but the interconnected web between you and all group members, including the coach.

Social Security group coaching sessions: Each session runs for 75 minutes and will be fast-paced, highly interactive, where you will be fully engaged. Group size will be limited to 8–12 advisors.

Exercises will focus on the role Social Security is playing in your business plans and include: situation analysis, action planning, setting commitments, creating structures, identifying accountability steps, etc. By your participation in the program, you will be expected to show up for all coaching sessions on time, focused, and unencumbered by all distractions.

Our minimum expectation for attendance is that you will be allowed 4 absences within the entire 12 session engagement. All absences must be communicated to the coach 24 hours prior to the session. In addition, you will be expected to review a recording of the sessions that you miss.

Private, initial intake conversation: You will meet with your coach privately for 50–60 minutes. During the initial intake conversation, you will discuss the structure of the Social Security coaching program, what you can expect, and what the overall goals of the program are. It is likely, and expected, that you will want to set your own Social Security-related goals and aspirations that will be supported by the group and the coach.

12 Social Security Coaching modules (2 per month): Each group coaching session will have a PDF module sent to you by email. All group coaching sessions will have a specific theme, and will be followed up with “homework” assignments, e.g. requests, challenges, and inquiries.

Topics you’ll cover

  1. Setting Goals that are Important and Meaningful for You
  2. Creating the Coaching Partnership: Roles and Responsibilties
  3. Getting Into Condition for Change
  4. Fulfulling Your Commitments and Building Accountability Structures
  5. Building Your Team around Savvy Social Security Planning
  6. Creating Your Own Social Security Playbook
  7. Mid-Point Check-in: Where are you in relation to the Milestone Goals that you set for yourself?
  8. Becoming the Social Security Go-To Person in your Community
  9. How to Stay Organized, Productive and Focused
  10. Best Practices for Savvy Social Security Learning and Development
  11. Being in Action: Supporting Goals Completing Continuously
  12. When Life Happens:How to Get Back on Track
  13. Putting the Skunk on the Table: When You’re Stuck

Individual coaching: Once per month (six total) you will meet one-on-one with your coach for 50–60 minutes per session. Private sessions with your coach are excellent opportunities to become even clearer and focused on your individual goals, or whatever else is top-of-mind for you. You don’t have to focus on Social Security in these sessions. The cost of individual coaching is included in your fee.

Full-time access to coach (during normal business hours): You will have complete and full access to your coach during normal business hours. The preferred communication is via email, although phone calls are absolutely acceptable. All calls and messages to your coach will be returned within 24 hours.

Self-accountability and coaching exercises (sent weekly via email): By our observation, the programs and workshops that fall short in the achievement of their goals do not effectively link the learning of the program to “real life.” As such, your coaching exercises, self-accountability, and “homework” is intended to create framework and structures in which you will take your learning of the programs back into your practice.

Group coaching session recordings (recorded only with the permission from the group): The group will spend time working together to establish ground rules on how the group wants to work together. Among these ground rules is the issue of client confidentiality and whether or not the group would like the group sessions recorded.

Savvy Social Security Membership: Your current membership will be automatically extended for an additional 12 months when you enter the group coaching program.

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Program leader

Our Social Security coaching group will be led by Chris Holman, a veteran financial services coach with more than 30 years working with advisors. Chris is trained and certified as a professional coach, with a special emphasis on group coaching.

His charge will be to provide a confidential and safe environment for the group and for each individual. (Group coaching will include one-on-one sessions as part of the group’s overall process.)

He’ll provide coaching structures to run the group. This includes providing opportunities to debrief, reflect, and discuss. He’ll be a key accountability partner.

How much will it cost?

Executive coaching fees in the financial services world can run as high as $8,000–$9,000 for a six month engagement; some nationally known coaches even charge upwards of $20,000 for special, customized coaching.

Your Social Security Group Coaching will cost much less.

In fact, even though we value the three-sessions per month program at $600 per month, we’re cutting the price in half for our initial Savvy Social Security Group Coaching programs:

Your fee will be: $2,997 for six months.

What kind of ROI can I reasonably expect?

Naturally, this will vary for everyone. But there’s simply no doubt that advisors who follow the Savvy Social Security program are adding clients to their business all the time. For instance, it’s common for people to add one to three new clients each time they present.

At the current rate of $2,997 for the program, it won’t take much for you to earn back your investment in your group coaching program many times over.

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Will I have access to Elaine Floyd or other Horsesmouth experts?

Yes. Mastering Social Security analysis is critical to your success. There will be an occasional, exclusive technical training session by Elaine Floyd to enhance your basic knowledge of Social Security.

The broad goal of the group is to build your businesses around Social Security and you will also have access to Horsesmouth marketing experts, including Sean Bailey, director of Horsesmouth’s Advisor/Client marketing program.

What are some examples of expected individual and group goals?

Everyone in the group shares the group’s goal of improving how they integrate Social Security planning into their business development and client service program. At the personal level, it’s expected each person will have different goals.

We know from our research that there are dozens of ways advisors use Savvy Social Security Planning. For example, one advisor’s goal may be to introduce the Savvy Social Security Planning seminar to clients in an informal, private setting… While another advisor’s goal may be to launch a retirement class series where Savvy Social Security Planning plays a critical role in attracting attendees who later become prospects and then clients… And another advisor may want to take Social Security Planning to a local or regional employer with large numbers of pre-retirees.

Regardless of your individual goals, we believe the benefit of working on it in the context of a group will provide you and the group with cross-pollination, motivation, and innovation needed to succeed.

What’s the next step and how do I sign up?

Not everyone is ready for coaching at any given time.

The best approach is to have a risk-free, consultation with Chris Holman to explore if group coaching is right for you now. So just request your no-risk, no-charge consultation here. Chris will be in contact and arrange a time for the two of you to meet.

If it seems that group coaching around Social Security is right for you, we’ll get you enrolled in the program so you can start soon. It’s that easy.

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10 reasons to sign up for group coaching

Here are a few reasons why we think group coaching around Social Security will give advisors like you the help they need:

  1. Accountability: It’s too easy to put aside initiatives when no one is expecting you to make things happen. Working with a group changes that dynamic.
  2. Commitment to excellence: Social Security expertise is in high demand. Advisors are using it to build and expand their business. It can be mastered with a sustained focus. A group setting can help you achieve this mastery.
  3. Collegial relationships: There’s deep value in hearing from colleagues who are like-minded and committed to Social Security, and who share similar values and goals.
  4. Retained learning: Regular meetings and interactions help build your knowledge base. When you hear, see, say, share, and do, you learn faster and retain more.
  5. Networking: Working with a group gives you the chance to build relationships with others that will last beyond any coaching period.
  6. Inspiration: Helping others achieve their goals will give you a bigger vision of what is possible. You’ll also be inspired by others’ success.
  7. Experiential education: The group process involves planning, executing, reflecting, and applying new learning. It’s probably how you’ve always succeeded in the past.
  8. Peer-to-peer sharing: Sharing your professional and life experiences helps build expertise. The group’s collective wisdom and expands your perspective—a critical benefit to on-going success.
  9. On-going action: When you’re part of a group, you’re extra motivated to keep commitments. The group, and the coach, provides accountability.
  10. Transferable behaviors: Group coaching involves collaboration and partnership, emotional intelligence, communication, listening skills, laser speaking, curiosity, and acting as a neutral observer. All skills critical to good client relations, too.

Risk-free guarantee

Advisors who offer their clients specific Social Security claiming strategy recommendations have higher business growth than those who do not. Group coaching can make you more confident and push you to become the go-to Social Security person in your area. That’s why I urge you to sign up for Savvy Social Security virtual group coaching. And that’s why I can make this guarantee:

Sign up for Savvy Social Security virtual group coaching and go through all the sessions. Take a full year to implement the knowledge and strategies discussed in your group coaching sessions. If after 12 months you don’t feel that you are more confident in guiding clients and prospects on Social Security we’ll completely refund 100% of your purchase price—guaranteed.

Sign up now and picture this!

In just six months, your Social Security group coaching program will be completed. You’ll have made substantial progress building your Social Security expertise and growing your business as a result of the skills, accountability, and motivation provided by the Social Security group coaching program.

And you’ll be in the early phases of starting to enjoy an elevated status in your community as the “go-to” expert on Social Security. You’ll be adding good clients and meeting new sources of referrals, too.

I think that’s a good picture to keep in mind. If you do, too, I recommend you don’t lose this chance to get into the coaching group now.


Sean M. Bailey
Editor in Chief, Horsesmouth

P.S. A recent study of advisors’ engagement of clients around Social Security showed some very interesting results. Those who offered specific claiming strategy recommendations enjoyed more referrals and higher business growth compared to those advisors who simply offered clients just Social Security information or just some claiming scenario illustrations. Makes sense to me. The goal of the coaching program is to help you improve your results by integrating Savvy Social Security into your 2021 business and marketing plans.

P.P.S. And don’t forget—by signing up for Savvy Social Security Group Coaching, your current Savvy Social Security membership will be extended for another 12 months!


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